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Spec Sheet
Specification Sheet
Fork Extensions 6XX Series
Code:  6XX Series

Forklift Fork Extensions 6XX Series

Forklift Fork Extensions 6XX Series

Midland Pallet Trucks keep a wide range of forklift fork extensions, with various lengths and widths. All fork extensions are made from high strength welded steel for safety and durability. This construction gives them a long lifespan, even when the extensions are used regularly.

Forklift fork extensions are designed to be used when long objects or large pallets need to be lifted or moved with a forklift truck and the existing forks are not long enough to permit safe lifting. As a safety precaution though, extensions must never exceed the length of the existing forks by more than 50%.

All fork lift fork extensions are supplied in pairs and each pair includes a steel retaining strap, which is to prevent slippage during use. The forks are a powder coated yellow finish.

Note: Prices shown are per pair of forklift fork extensions

Quick guide of 6XX Series models:
6XX13 - 72x4" (1829x100mm) -
Made for forks of at least 48" (1219mm)
long and 4" (100mm) wide

6XX14 - 96x4" (2438x100mm)-
Made for forks of at least 64" (1625mm)
long and 4" (100mm) wide

6XX15 - 96x5" (2438x125mm) -
Made for forks of at least 64" (1625mm)
long and 5" (125mm) wide

Fork extensions supplied have approxiamately 1/2" (12mm) of addition internal clearance, to allow for tolerances with the forks.

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