Specialist Pallet Trucks From Midland

Pallet trucks are a stalwart of many workplaces across the country, with thousands of businesses relying on them to help carry out important tasks and cut the risks involved in manual labour. Basic pallet trucks are instrumental in transporting heavy goods and pallets from one place to another, but some workplaces may require a more specialised pallet truck to cope with the demands of their company. Midland Pallet Trucks have an extensive selection of pallet trucks, with some designed specifically to fit the requirements of such companies.

Standard pallet trucks may become difficult to manoeuvre in areas where the ground is unsteady or uneven. Midland Pallet Trucks have the answer in the form of their RTT12 Rough Terrain Pallet Truck. The pneumatic tyres are ideal for use on undulating surfaces such as building sites, farms or garden centres, and the 210 degree turning radius makes for easy movement and control. The powder-coated heavy-duty steel frame is resistant to corrosion and the truck can be used with both open and closed pallets. The truck has a considerable 1200kg capacity and the adjustable forks and low maintenance levels of the unit make it a great lifting solution for use in many environments. The versatile truck is available from Midland priced at £708.75.

Carrying long loads down narrow aisles is a predicament faced by many companies in warehouses, factories or distribution centres. The ACTWO Traverse Pallet Truck uses sideways movement to solve this problem, providing more flexibility and convenience in the process. The truck carries many of the specifications of Midlandís other pallet trucks, with its hardwearing steel frame and easy manoeuvrability, but the wide variety of tasks this truck is able to perform makes it one of the more adaptable trucks in the range. The unit can also be used as a regular pallet truck, with 2500kg capacity (reduced to 1500kg in sideways mode). This truck is available for £195.30.

Some pallet trucks require some extra reinforcement due to their use in certain environments; the ACZ25-B Galvanized Pallet Truck is specially constructed to be able to withstand extremely low temperatures with carrying goods in and out of freezers or coolers. These types of truck are widely used in transporting food products such as meat, sea products and wine, and are also a popular choice for transporting chemicals as they are a great choice for use in sterile rooms. The unit has 2500kg capacity and entry and exit rollers on the forks for easy pallet loading. This specialist truck is available from Midland priced at only £437.95.

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