Workplace Essentials From Midland Pallet Trucks

For over 25 years, Midland Pallet Trucks have been supplying high quality pallet trucks at competitive prices, with an emphasis on value for money and convenience. As the company grew and expanded to meet the high demand for their products, they branched out into other areas of the industry, supplying accessories often used in conjunction with their pallet truck range. As a result, their selection of drum loaders, skates, lift tables and sack trolleys is now second to none, and businesses all over the country have come to rely on Midland Pallet Trucks for their hardwearing products and great customer service.

Skates are often used in warehouses or factory environments to move heavy objects safely and easily. The CT-4 Moving Skates from Midland use a heavy sealed bearing to spread the weight of the load and ensure controlled, secure movement. With a capacity of 6 tonnes, the skates are durable and heavy-duty and weighing just 14kg themselves, they donít add much weight to the already substantial loads they can hold. PU wheels with steel centres contribute to the making of a resilient, long-lasting and useful tool. There are many other skates with differing specifications also in the range; the CT-4 skates are available for £48.30.

In a working environment where oil drums are used, it is important to have an efficient way to transport or lift them. Midlandís DL300 Drum Loader is constructed from heavy-duty steel and can carry up to 300kg. The simple design makes it easy to lift drums without any hydraulics and the automatic release system makes for an efficient resource. These beneficial loaders are available for just £135.45.

Striving to prevent employee injuries is vital for any workplace where lifting or carrying is expected, and equipment such as the SSPN35 Sack Truck can help to prevent such injuries occurring. The design of this truck is ergonomic and means that loads of up to 350kg can be moved with minimum effort, reducing the risk of injuries such as back strain. The multi-purpose tool is functional and can transport more than just sacks; these trucks are ideal for moving a wide variety of heavy loads which may be difficult to carry by hand. The pneumatic tyres ensure sturdy balance and very easy manoeuvring, even when fully loaded with a heavy item. The 1200mm x 460mm specification means it is tall and wide enough to move even a fridge. They are a vital part of many workplaces and are available from Midland priced at just £57.75 each.

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