A Pallet Truck Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Many companies consider pallet trucks to be simple tools of basic quality, which can be discarded in favour of a new one without a second thought. However, as one pallet truck owner in Germany will testify, this is certainly not the case for all pallet trucks. Walter Overbeck’s carpentry business in Bocholt, Germany, recently discovered that one of the trucks in their fleet was manufactured in 1964-65 and was still in use in March 2010, making it over 40 years old. Mr Overbeck took over the business in 1992 and found the sturdy pallet truck in the existing inventory of tools from the previous owner; the reliable truck has since found itself retired and has a place of honour at a pallet truck factory in Mjölby, Sweden.

Midland Pallet Trucks are a UK provider of pallet trucks, constantly endeavouring to craft trucks and lift tables that are as durable and hardwearing as Mr Overbeck’s fantastic example. With all of the products in the extensive ranges constructed from resilient, heavy-duty steel, Midland’s trucks are built to last, providing great value for money as well as high quality.

One of Midland’s best sellers is the AC25A Hand Pallet Truck, which has a capacity of 2500kg and double fork PU rollers and wheels. The 540mm x 1150mm forks are the optimum size forks for companies using euro pallets, and the dual controls (hand and foot) give the operator extra control. Grease fittings at all pivotal points help to ensure long life of the unit, with the steel construction also coated in powder-coated paint to ensure greater resistance to the corrosion and rust that many pallet trucks succumb to. This truck is priced at just £157.00, with other sizes available in the range.

One of the biggest reasons pallet trucks fail is general wear and tear, however a damaging aspect which often gets overlooked is temperature. In certain working environments, pallet trucks are used to transport goods in and out of freezers or coolers; this can require a more specialised truck such as the ACZ25 Galvanized Pallet Truck. With a 2500kg capacity, the ACZ25 can withstand the elements thanks to its anti-corrosion galvanized finish. This type of pallet truck is widely used to carry meat, sea products, wines, beverages and chemicals. Thanks to the galvanization, it can work in very low temperatures, making it an ideal tool for delivering goods in to and out of freezers and coolers.

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