How A Pallet Truck Can Cut Company Costs

After months of economic stress and austerity, and amid fears of a double-dip recession, many companies will surely be searching for ways in which they can cut costs without affecting productivity and profit. Pallet trucks are already familiar sights in many factories and warehouses all over the UK, but is it worth setting aside the money, undergoing the risk assessments and integrating a whole new piece of equipment into an already functioning workplace?

The answer would appear to be a resounding yes; pallet trucks have a wide range of advantages that, most importantly, include cutting costs, saving money and boosting profits. The first way in which they can assist and improve conditions is the obvious impact it will have upon staff. Pallet trucks are most useful when they are lifting and transporting heavy loads, and by cutting out the heavy lifting for employees, it vastly reduces the risk of injury. The addition of a simple pallet truck to a workplace can cut out the threat of common back problems that manifest when an employee carries out repetitive heavy lifting tasks every day.

There is also much less risk of dropping goods (potentially injuring the worker and also damaging the cargo) as long as the weight restrictions of the truck are adhered to; companies in the UK are estimated to pay around 12billion per year in sick pay, so it is worth purchasing a simple hand pallet truck to help to rein in these costs.

The next way in which a pallet truck can help to boost profits is the way in which it enhances productivity. Some trucks can carry up to 3500kg in weight; far more than a single man could carry or transport. Smaller businesses are currently under a lot of pressure to maximise the productivity of their man hours and with the addition of a pallet truck, larger volumes of goods can be moved. This leads to streamlined work flows, increase efficiency and, most importantly, higher capacity for profit.

Pallet trucks are also very low-maintenance. The robust steel construction and rust-preventing powder coating of many of these units mean they last for many years without having to be repaired or maintained in any way. They require no special operating license, or even any formal training. Pump trucks are some of the simplest trucks available and can be operated by almost anyone, saving money on potentially expensive training courses and qualifications needed for units such as forklift trucks.

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