Choose The Right Fork Accessories For Your Forklift Truck

Pallet trucks are extremely common in many working scenarios; warehouses, factories and distribution centres all class them as an integral aspect of working life. They speed up the process of transportation, they prevent injuries to staff by effectively doing their heavy lifting for them and they last for years when properly maintained. It is their versatility and strength which makes pallet trucks so useful. Midland Pallet Trucks, a premier 2UK provider of pallet trucks and lift tables, also stock a range of forklift truck accessories, turning their years of materials handling experience into a further essential workplace addition.

Forklift fork extensions are designed for the purpose of lifting longer or larger objects than usual with existing forklift trucks. They temporarily increase the length of the existing forks to increase the lifting capabilities of the truck. Midland Pallet Trucks supply a range of fork extensions for many different truck models. All of the extension sets are made from welded steel with superior strength for extra durability and safety.

The Fork Extensions 3KR/3W Series from Midland Pallet Trucks fits models 3KR57, 3KR58, 3KR59 and 3W667, making it the most versatile of the accessories available. Supplied in pairs, each set of extensions comes with a steel retaining strap to prevent slippage during use, and they are powder coated to ensure they don’t become rusty. Midland also has available fork extension sets for the FE series of trucks, with much the same specifications as that of the 3KR series.

It is important to note when buying such accessories, that the forklift extension does not exceed the original fork length by more than 50%; this can change the truck’s centre of gravity and makes the forklift unsafe for use. It is also advisable to consider the ‘drop’ of the truck when choosing the correct extensions. The ‘drop’ of the fork is the distance between the bottom hanger and the forks when the truck is at ground level. If the ‘drop’ is greater than 75mm, a closed base extension is recommended. Forklift trucks can also be used as hoists, useful when lifting barrels, oil drums and other heavy items which may be difficult to manoeuvre.

Forklift Truck Hoists can be easily fitted to the forks of a truck and can be slid and clamped anywhere along the length of the forks for optimum versatility. Midland Pallet Trucks have a 1000kg and a 2500kg hoist option, with a simple and robust design and a powder-coated paint finish. Prices start at £150.00 each.

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