Hydrogen Powered Pallet Trucks On Their Way Into Factories

News from a pioneering Walmart factory in Canada states that new energy sources are now being utilised in everyday business appliances including pallet trucks. The new distribution centre in Balzac, Alberta, spent as estimated $693,000 converting their fleet of battery-operated pallet trucks to new machines which run on innovative hydrogen fuel cells. The huge sum is nothing compared to the $107million invested in creating the fully sustainable distribution centre, and experts have predicted that annual operational savings from their pallet truck switch will reach $269,000.

These prices may seem out of this world to many business owners in the UK, but it is only a matter of time before the prices of these new hydrogen-powered pallet trucks start to drop and become more affordable. Until then, pallet trucks experts, Midland Pallet Trucks, have a fantastic range of trucks which will suit any budget and last for as long as it takes for the sustainable pallet trucks to become a realistic prospect.

If a basic hand pallet truck will suffice in the wait for this new technology, the DF168 Lightweight pallet truck 1680kg (1.68T) Capacity is ideal. As the name may suggest, the truck weighs just 50kg, meaning it is easy to manoeuvre without compromising on the excellent 1680kg capacity it can carry. The forks are the ideal size for the popular European pallets and the truck has a high quality hydraulic pump, with a slow lowering hand control valve for extra security. The simple pallet truck is adaptable and versatile, with a price sure to appeal to all budgets; it is available from Midland Pallet Trucks for just £136.46.

Perhaps a manual stacker truck would be more suited to a specific business’ needs. The 1500kg 1.6m Manual Stacker Truck is Midland Pallet Trucks’ most budget-friendly manual stacker and is a great economical solution for lifting pallets. Its size means that it is ideal for operating in smaller areas, and the truck is precision engineered for the smoothest performance. The robust steel construction will ensure that this stacker truck will last just as long as its electric counterparts, and at just £771.75, it is perfect for businesses who are trying to cut back whilst they wait for the high-tech hydrogen trucks to become more readily available.

Maybe only an electric pallet truck will do; if so, Midland Pallet Trucks has a specially selected range which takes note of client specifications and requirements to ensure the trucks met every need. The 1000kg 1.6m Semi Electric Stacker Truck is at the lower end of the price range, at only £1,799.00. Powered by a 1500W 12v electric motor and with a built-in charger, the semi-electric stacker truck has a lifting speed of 90mm per second and, to optimise its practicality, it has adjustable fork sizes to allow pallets of many different sizes to be lifted. This truck is an ideal stand-in until the hydrogen-powered devices become customary.

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