Boost manpower with electric lifting equipment

It’s not rocket science; businesses that have the highest rates of productivity make the most profit. And Midland Pallet Trucks is helping businesses boost their productivity thanks to their superior range of electric and semi-electric trucks.

Warehouses, stock rooms and factories all rely on a range of different equipment to get daily tasks done and dusted in the shorted time period possible. And sometimes, it just so happens that electric trucks can do the job that much quicker. The manual handling expert, which has decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes, is urging businesses to amplify their productivity by investing in the power and convenience brought by electric trucks, lift tables and stackers.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, “Investing in manual lifting equipment can bring numerous benefits, but boosting the power of employees by investing in electric and semi-electric machinery cannot be matched when it comes to power, functionality and of course, safety.”

Aside from being incredibly functional, electric and semi-electric lifting equipment is also a safety essential for workplaces. Although it is true that some handling injuries are unavoidable, a large majority are caused by employees handling goods without access to the correct equipment. And it is no secret that accidents and injuries at work cost companies thousands every single year. Therefore, businesses who want to keep employees safe and injury free, should look at the safety credentials of electric and semi-electric lifters in order to minimise the chances of unnecessary injuries.

For managers and business owners on the hunt for top quality equipment need to look no further than Midland Pallet Trucks. Their top of the line semi electric stacker truck boasts a 1000kg capacity and can lift to heights of 3 metres. Constructed with a robust steel profile construction and powered by a 1500W 12v electric motor with a built-in charger, it delivers the unrivalled power when it is needed the most.

Despite many business owners being concerned with price, this comes in at just £2,450 +VAT. Those firms that don’t to reach such heights could look at Midland Pallet Trucks’ other offerings. All are built to the same high standard and are made out of robust steel, yet don’t lift to such heights. Their 1.6 metre semi-electric stacker and their 2.5m metre semi-electric stacker still boast 1000kg capacities, yet come in at £1,899 +VAT and £1,999 + VAT respectively. As well as their hard-wearing construction, they all come complete with an adjustable fork that allows for different sized pallets to lifted. This unrivalled flexibility, guaranteed reliability, top safety features and incredible prices makes them an affordable investment for any business.

The Midlands based company is committed to providing premium quality equipment at reasonable prices. And as a result, has become the go-to retailer for the country’s finest range of electric pallet trucks.

Boost manpower with electric lifting equipment

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