Why businesses should focus on good working conditions

The rise in online shopping has brought with it a number of benefits to customers and businesses alike. Increased profits for businesses and competitive deals and a plethora of choice for consumers has resulted in online shopping becoming the go-to for many looking to get their hands on the latest items. Yet despite online shopping becoming almost as popular as shopping on the high street, there has been multiple reports of businesses primarily those with a strong or full online presence not providing good working conditions for their employees. And this, according to Midland Pallet Trucks, could prove to be detrimental to a business.

Phil Chesworth, Director at Midland Pallet Trucks, said, Over the last couple of years, reports of leading companies providing unsatisfactory working condition for their employees has increased significantly. And as a result, undercover reports have been undertaken which has shown how the true nature of this issue. Reports of employees not being allowed to take bathroom breaks, illegal and underage workers, not providing sufficient equipment, and excessive and even illegal working hours have all made the headlines. All of this is very worrying and potentially damaging to the retail industry and can result in customers losing faith in their favourite brands.

The latest report, which aired on BBCs Panorama, showcased illegal Syrian immigrants working in factories making clothing for some of the best-known retailers in the whole of the UK all of which boast a strong online presence. The report showed how not only were these individuals not employed legally, but they were paid well below what they should have been, experienced dangerous working conditions and were made to work gruelling 12 hour shifts. And potentially most shocking for some, was the fact that many of these were in fact children who should have been at school.

Of course this programme showed extreme conditions, but its good that it was highlighted, added Phil. Its important for people to remember that although this particular documentary was filmed in Turkey, there are some companies based in the UK that do not adhere to rules and regulations when it comes to employees, yet its about time they were made to ensure a safe working environment, improve staff morale and gain the trust of their customers.

Midland Pallet Trucks is one of the UKs best providers of a whole range of manual handling and warehouse equipment across the retail sector and beyond. The company prides itself on offering top quality pallet trucks, stacker trucks and lift tables but to name a few, at reasonable prices, which allows businesses to reap the financial rewards due to improved efficiency, less working accidents and of course happier staff.

Why businesses should focus on good working conditions

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