Midland Pallet Trucks Offer Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks To Help Exporters Meet New SOLAS Requirements

Midland Pallet Trucks, a premium provider of pallet trucks and other lifting equipment to businesses all over the UK, is offering a fantastic range of weigh scale pallet trucks that could help exporters to meet brand new SOLAS requirements, which come into play on 1st July 2016. The SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea Convention) was recently amended by the International Maritime Organisation, to include a new condition for packed containers being loaded onto export ships. From July, all packed containers must have a verified weight, whether the total is verified by the shipper or the terminal. If neither party can verify the weight of a packed container, the container cannot be loaded onto a ship without breaching SOLAS. Estimated weights are prohibited, with no exceptions to the new rule.

With much more emphasis placed on the verified weight of products being loaded onto cargo ships, Midland Pallet Trucks is helping exporters get ahead of the new rules with a broad collection of weigh scale pallet trucks. SOLAS states that all cargo and contents of the container can be weighed before loading, with the tare weight of the container added afterwards – a job that’s ideal for weigh scale pallet trucks, which can provide incredibly accurate readings without slowing down the loading process.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, “It’s essential that exporters take stock of the new regulations before they come into effect on 1st July. Exporters not providing a verified weight under the new rules could have their container left behind if the terminal itself doesn’t have a weighing provision. Rather than leaving it up to the terminal, we’re encouraging shippers to take matters into their own hands and ensure that every container has a verified weight before it is sent to the terminal.”

He adds, “Our range of weighing scale pallet trucks can help make the process of weighing cargo and contents simple and efficient. With options starting at just £199.00 plus VAT, we’ve got something for every budget, so there’s no excuse for businesses not to be prepared as we move closer to the new regulations in July.”

At the budget end of the scale is the HP-ESE-20D Weighing Scale Pallet Truck, which boasts 2000kg capacity and incredibly accurate weighing capabilities. Ideal for the cost-conscious user looking for a basic mobile weighing solution, this model comes in at just £199.00 plus VAT and will help shippers get ahead of the new rules without breaking the bank.

Businesses seeking a more robust option can opt for the ESP20P Weigh Scale Pallet Truck, which has a built-in printer that speeds up the verification process enormously. The scale reads up to 2000kg in 1kg increments, with a high accuracy +/-0.03% of the applied load, offering a premium solution for busy environments. This model is available for just £950.00 plus VAT.

Midland Pallet Trucks Offer Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks To Help Exporters Meet New SOLAS Requirements

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