Midland Pallet Trucks Now Stocking ELF Electric Lift Tables

British businesses are set to enjoy new heights of efficiency with the introduction of ELF electric lift tables to the Midland Pallet Trucks inventory. Simple yet sturdy, the new products are must have equipment investments for any workplace transporting heavy loads on a daily basis.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, “ELF electric lift tables are a fantastic productivity booster for any industrial workplace. Whether used in a supermarket storeroom, a warehouse depot, a construction site or any other goods oriented environment, the units are a sure-fire way to simultaneously enhance efficiency and augment on-site safety.”

For small scale piece work, production line and assembly applications, the HTFG0.5 Static Scissor Lift Platform 500kg is a categorical productivity booster. The static electric lift table is a simple solution to elevating loads of up to 500kg, with a generous platform size of 1015x610mm.The unit features a minimum table height of 80mm and maximum elevation of 760mm. a high pressure cylinder powers the three phase platform which offers dual safety functions including an emergency cut-off switch and three metre long control cable.

Workplaces handling medium sized loads will benefit vastly from the increased power of the ELF10A-24X48 Stationary Scissor Lift Platform. The static lift table boasts an ultra-sturdy construction that provides multiple uses for lifting and lowering loads of up to 1000kg. The platform itself measures in at 1220x610mm, with a lowered height minimum of 200mm and a maximum of 990mm. A 0.75kw motor powers the compact hydraulic machine which features hard chrome plated piston rods, a high pressure cylinder and safety components complying to EN1570 standards. The unit is CE rated / ISO9001 / ISO14001.

Equipment manager wanting to arm sites with a little more scope can consider upgrading to heavier duty units such as the 1500kg ELF15A-36X48 Stationary Scissor Lift Platform or the 2000kg ELF20A-48X48 Stationary Scissor Lift Platform. Both are static models that boast sturdy construction and a myriad of uses in commercial and industrial environments.

When it comes to enhancing efficiency in heavy duty environments, the brawny ELF25A-48X72 Stationary Scissor Lift Platform is a must have site companion. With a maximum load capacity of 2500kg it’s more than capable of taking on substantial loads in factories, warehouses and construction plants. A formidable 1.5kw motor powers the static lift table which is capable of lowering loads to a minimum of 220mm and a maximum of 1220mm.

Midland Pallet Trucks Now Stocking ELF Electric Lift Tables

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