Efficiency, Power, Value – Midland Pallet Trucks’ Range of Electric Lift Tables Offer Many Advantage

Midland Pallet Trucks, the West Midlands pallet truck specialists, are encouraging businesses to take the train out of their heavy lifting duties with a brand new electric lift table. Specifically designed to make lifting loads of up to 350kg quick and efficient, the electric tables are the ideal way to speed up productivity on a production line or in a warehouse, helping to boost profits without breaking the bank.

The experts in all elements of lifting and handling have four electric lift tables on offer, which are more powerful and efficient than their manual counterparts. Lifting capacities range from 300kg to 750kg, and the trucks can scale heights of up to 1.3m, making them ideal for using as a feeding table on an assembly line or similar application.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, “Our range of electric lift tables are a great addition to any fleet of equipment – they’re incredibly hardwearing and durable, and their sublime performance boosts productivity no matter what they’re used for. At Midland Pallet Trucks, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices, and our electric lift tables are no exception; the most budget-friendly option comes in at just £1,195.00, making it a steal for anyone looking to increase the range of equipment they have at their disposal.”

For an example of the quality that Midland Pallet Trucks swear by, look no further than the ETFD35 Electric Lift Table. This truck is a motorized version of the most popular double scissor lift table available from the pallet truck specialists. With a table top size of 910mm x 500mm and a maximum lifting height of 1300mm, those who invest in this table truck are certainly getting their money’s worth. As with all trucks available from the Midlands warehouse, a heavy-duty powder coating helps to protect it from premature erosion, keeping the steel construction beneath in prime condition for as long as possible.

A sealed, maintenance-free battery means this truck is highly convenient and doesn’t need a great amount of attention, while the hand controller which manages the speed of table descent allows optimum safety and security for the operator. Coming in at £1,315.00, this truck is not at the bottom end of the budget, but makes a worthwhile addition to any existing fleet or trucks – and with long performance guarantees, this truck is highly likely to earn its keep.

Mr Chesworth adds, “Our electric lift tables are fantastic value for money, especially for those who feel that their manual scissor lift trucks are just not cutting it in such a fast-paced world. These trucks are fantastic investments for the future and can help to prepare businesses for periods of growth such as the one we’re about to enter.”

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