High-Quality Reel Carrying Pallet Trucks from the Experts at Midland

As the UKs leading pallet truck specialists, Midland Pallet Trucks retail a huge range of models to suit a wide range of industrial and domestic needs. For situations requiring the transport of cylindrical shaped loads, why settle for standard models when the company stock premium quality reel carrying pallet trucks specially designed for the task at hand?

Engineered expressly for transporting loads such as textile rolls, paper spools, cable drums, reels, coils and barrels, the Large Load Capacity Reel Carrying Pallet Truck is the ideal machine for the job. Boasting a larger than normal load capacity of 2000kg, and designed to have a 800-1200mm load diameter with strategically placed grease fittings, the model is equipped with the power to effortlessly transport industrial sized loads. The specially designed tandem rollers effectively spread the weight of the cargo which reduces ground contact, minimises friction and eases the operator strain associated with moving heavy loads. With its premium quality hydraulic pump featuring a manual lowering hand mechanism and three position lever, it offers users an unparalleled level of control. At just 425, the model is a must have for any warehouse or store room dealing with rounded loads on a regular basis.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director, says At Midland Pallet Trucks we strive to offer our customers a comprehensive range of machinery for all occasions. For this reason, we are proud to stock a range of reel carrying trucks specially designed to safely and effectively move cylinder-shaped shaped loads with ease.

For warehouses in need of additional power, the Wider Than Standard Reel Carrying Pallet Truck is capable of carrying large scale loads of up to 1200-1600mm in reel diameter. Boasting all the technical features of the Large Load Capacity Reel Carrying Pallet Truck as well as a robust whole cast hydraulic pump unit and overload valve, this model really delivers on industrial grunt. Yet despite its strength, the machine offers ultrafine lowering speed control for the ultimate in smooth horizontal transport of cylindrical loads - perfect for delicate cargo. Priced at just 495, the Wider Than Standard Reel Carrying Pallet Truck is incredible value for those wishing to maximise the safety and efficiency of rounded loads.

From carpet and upholstery storerooms to postal and courier packaging warehouses, a reel carrying pallet truck from Midland Pallet Trucks is the perfect companion for any industry dealing with the transport of cylindrical shaped loads on a regular basis. As well as ensuring the safety of employees, the specialised design of reel carrying pallet trucks protects the contents of the load while significantly increasing overall warehouse efficiency.

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