Manual Handling Equipment Supplier Recommends High-Quality Training for Aerial Work Platform Operato

As one of the country’s leading providers of aerial work platforms to businesses across the country, Midland Pallet Trucks are urging those who invest in their equipment to ensure that their employees are correctly trained and have the relevant knowledge to be able to work on or alongside aerial work platforms. These pieces of equipment are often used for work at height, and are commonly found when conducting maintenance work in locations such as schools and hospitals – therefore it is crucial that those who are operating the units understand fully their responsibilities and how the platform should be used.

Phil Chesworth, of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, “As providers of aerial work platforms, we focus on offering high-quality at low-costs, but we also have a duty to remind our customers that, though a qualification is not mandatory, it is always important to ensure employees are well trained in using the equipment they’re tasked to. Whether an aerial work platform rises by five feet or fifty feet, they can be dangerous if misused, and we want to remind all of our customers of the importance of putting safety first when working around this type of equipment.”

With the correct operator training, aerial access platforms can be highly useful for carrying out maintenance and cleaning work in many locations, as well as performing safety checks and other important tasks. They are used in situations where the safety of the operator and the surrounding people is paramount, whether it’s a shopping centre or a warehouse. Many businesses opt for these types of lifts because they are far more versatile and flexible than static mobile towers, which can take up a lot of space and only allow for work at one specific height. When work is required at other levels, a mobile tower would be useless, whereas the working height of an aerial work platform can be adjusted at the touch of a button.

The most budget-friendly platform in Midland Pallet Trucks’ range is the MJCPT 1.7 mobile aerial work platform, which lifts to 1.7m when fully extended and allows for a working height of 3.73m. All safety features are fitted as standard; there are emergency down and stop buttons, levelling indicators and outriggers, as well as the necessary LOLER certificates and CE accreditation that the truck needs to be used legally. At £2,750.00 for this long-term investment, there is still room in a £3,000 budget to provide training for staff and ensure that they fully understand what is required of them when using this equipment.

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