Return To Basics with Manual Handling Equipment Recommends Expert

Experts in the world of manual handling are encouraging industrial workplaces to go ‘back to basics’ with a series of hand pallet trucks and lifting aids that are still outperforming many expensive, technological solutions. The team at Midland Pallet Trucks, one of the UK’s premier providers of pallet trucks, manual stackers, lift tables and aerial work platforms, are encouraging more businesses to look to simple solutions to their workflow issues, rather than shelling out thousands for an advanced mechanical answer.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, “In this day and age, when workflows are faltering and managers want to make things more streamlined, there is a tendency to turn to high-tech solutions and ways to digitally enhance the workplace. There is no doubt that many areas in a working environment are vastly improved with the addition of technology, but there are still elements of work that need to be carried out manually, with the help of a sturdy and reliable hand pallet truck. The answer to streamlining working processes in settings like warehouses, factories and distribution centres is often not to turn to technology, but to invest in high-quality staff, excellent training and manual equipment that allows for the easy and efficient transport of goods from A to B.”

For many workplaces, there is no point in investing in advanced electronic systems for scanning goods, shipping orders and other crucial tasks if the equipment which forms the very foundation of a business is substandard. Hand pallet trucks are versatile and durable, and often form the bedrock of many working environments, so before any investment goes into sophisticated technology, it is important that the workforce are afforded high-quality manual handling equipment to ensure they can carry out the most basic of tasks.

A hand pallet truck can carry out more briefs that the vast majority of typical workplace apparatus, and they do so with minimum disruption to the equipment budget. At a fraction of the price it would cost for an expensive forklift or some other mechanical form of lifting and moving, a 2500kg capacity hand pallet truck can take on numerous tasks, offering great value for money and return on investment. A hardwearing exterior, dual controls to give operators maximum manoeuvrability and grease fittings at pivotal points to ensure long life make this one of the most worthwhile investment for a workplace looking to speed up their workflows and achieve a higher level of productivity across the board.

Return To Basics with Manual Handling Equipment Recommends Expert

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