Pallet Truck Provider Advises Businesses Against Rental Trucks This Christmas

A leading expert in manual handling solutions for businesses is urging businesses not to go down the rental route as workloads increase this Christmas, instead using the funds to invest in permanent trucks they will use again and again. Manual Pallet Trucks are one of the country’s premier providers of manual handling solutions, specialising in pallet trucks, and their Managing Director has spoken out to businesses, encouraging them to look at the advantages of buying a truck rather than simply hiring one for the busy festive season.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, “When orders increase and the workload looks unmanageable, it can be tempting for many managers to simply hire in a temporary pallet truck which can be returned after the Christmas rush dies down. However, this has a number of disadvantages for workplaces and the employees who staff them, including poor value-for-money and the risk of acquiring a potentially unreliable truck from a dealer without the proper paperwork. The advice to all businesses looking to expand their fleet over Christmas is to look to a budget pallet truck, which will carry out the job and become a permanent fixture in the workplace without breaking the bank or posing any kind of risk.”

Rental trucks are often a minefield to navigate; the rental charges can be expensive when hiring them for weeks on end, and unless dealing with someone authorised to lease pallet trucks, they can often come with doctored histories or missing paperwork. The last thing any business needs at Christmas is for a rented pallet truck to encounter a fault or break entirely, and for the rental company to find a loophole that prevents them from issuing a refund or providing a replacement.

Investing in a budget pallet truck such as the DF168 Lightweight Hand Pallet Truck, which will set a business back just £136.45, is the more cost-effective route to take, and will come with a higher guarantee that the truck will perform at the highest level for the entirety of its considerable life span. The truck has a capacity of 1680kg and is compatible with the popular Euro pallets, so businesses can be sure that their investment is not one which will be used once and banished into storage. For such a small investment, a business gets a truck which will serve them for many years, rather than a second-hand model which could end up failing after just a few days.

At the busiest time of year, many businesses are looking for short-term solutions, but the savvy owners and the businessmen with the acumen to understand the impact of their investments will be adding permanent trucks to the fleet. This way, there are always spares to use during busy times, or in the circumstance that another truck fails.

Pallet Truck Provider Advises Businesses Against Rental Trucks This Christmas

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