Leading Pallet Truck Suppliers Announces Brand New Model for Businesses on a Budget

Midland Pallet Trucks, leading UK supplier of pallet trucks and other manual handling solutions, has announced the launch of a brand new weighing scale pallet truck, aimed at those attempting to cut costs whilst still maintaining efficient and high-quality services. The SPA-M25 is a basic dial weigh scale pallet truck which comes at a price that is sure to tempt those on a smaller budget, without compromising on the excellent service that their customers and clients have grown accustomed to.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, “In light of recent news and announcements that austerity might be a greater burden than many originally thought, our brand new weigh scale pallet truck is sure to fill the void for many businesses that find themselves searching for budget-friendly trucks of this ilk. Ideally designed for Euro pallets and with the capacity to hold other smaller pallets, businesses are sure to get their money’s worth from this new model.”

The new pallet truck has a maximum capacity of 2500kg, putting it at the higher end of the scale where many pallet trucks are concerned, and its main feature is the added weighing scale functionality. This can cut working processes in businesses where there are static weighing stations, allowing people to measure and weigh loads whilst on the go, taking accurate readings and recording them where necessary. The resulting increase in productivity thanks to cutting down this often lengthy process will come as a boost to many businesses, a large number of which are always searching for ways in which they can streamline the way they work. The weighing system itself is a traditional dial system and is suitable to check the weight of non-critical pallets.

The truck is an entry-level weigh scale pallet truck, perfect for businesses both large and small, and a myriad of different industries, whether they are factories looking to weigh components before they are assembled, or distribution centres keeping track of certain products by measuring their weight. It is constructed from high-quality steel, ensuring it is durable and will last for many years with the correct maintenance; an important consideration for businesses which are looking to make worthwhile, lasting investments in robust and hardwearing equipment. With adherence to the maintenance guidelines set out in the enclosed handbook, the unit will last for many years and become an important part of any fleet of pallet trucks for a business looking to comply with strict budgets and provide an excellent, fast service.

Leading Pallet Truck Suppliers Announces Brand New Model for Businesses on a Budget

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