Handle Treacherous Landscapes With A Rough Terrain Truck Encourages Pallet Truck Expert

The smooth surfaces within many warehouses and factories are perfect for conventional hand pallet trucks, but what about when the ground is that little bit trickier to traverse? Construction sites, gardening centres and industrial environments are often on uneven ground filled with potholes and other obstacles, making it difficult to negotiate with standard pallet trucks.

The answer lies in Midland Pallet Truck’s RTT12 Rough Terrain Pallet Truck, which has been made especially to cope with undulating surfaces and difficult ground. It features large pneumatic tyres, ideal for carrying loads over even the toughest terrain, and a heavy duty powder coated frame that can withstand harsh conditions and rocky ground with ease.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, a UK supplier of pallet trucks among other manual handling solutions, says, “These types of pallet truck are essential to many industries where the trucks are used to carry loads over ground that is uneven, which can cause problems for regular trucks. Their adjustable forks, pneumatic tyres and heavy duty frame make them a versatile tool for industries that work outdoors on rough terrain.”

The RTT12 Rough Terrain Trucks come with a lifting capacity of up to 1200kg, and 860mm long adjustable forks which have been designed to lift both open and closed pallets. The truck is ideal for environments which might require heavy loads to be carried across uneven and rocky terrain. Most construction sites require building materials and tools to be manoeuvred across rubble, upturned earth and piles of sand and cement with upmost ease and efficiency. The same goes for garden centres and industrial sites, all of which present their own challenges when it comes to transporting materials from A to B.

Although the entire range of pallet trucks available from Midland Pallet Trucks are sturdy and made from hard wearing materials that mean even the lower spec models are able to handle some amount of uneven terrain, the RTT12 Rough Terrain Trucks have been created especially for purpose for those rough conditions that require that extra bit of stability and strength.

They are a welcome addition to the already extensive range of pallet trucks, pump trucks, trolleys and accessories that are available at Midland Pallet Trucks. As they are one of the UK largest distributors of trucks that meet a whole range of specifications, they are able to meet even the most specialised demands of any industry.

Handle Treacherous Landscapes With A Rough Terrain Truck Encourages Pallet Truck Expert

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