Adverse Conditions? Go Galvanized For A Pallet Truck that Packs a Punch Says Midland Pallet Trucks

The controlled, dry environment within many warehouses and factories is perfect for hand pallet trucks made from epoxy-coated steel, but what about when conditions are that little bit more adverse? Docks and harbours often mean that equipment must be ready to battle the elements, and the highly sterilised and hygienic environments in the chemical and medical industries mean that equipment is often contending with very strong cleaning products that could prove corrosive to steel trucks.

The answer lies in galvanized or stainless steel pallet trucks, which are extremely resistant to rust and corrosion, and can handle any of the adverse conditions that a working environment could throw at it. Galvanization is where a coating of zinc is applied to conventional steel in order to prevent corrosion, and stainless steel is often referred to as corrosion-resistant steel (CRES) because of its water-resistant properties. Both types of truck are ideal for use in areas that might not be as dry and controlled as a conventional warehouse.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, a UK supplier of galvanized pallet trucks among other manual handling solutions, says, “These types of pallet truck are essential to many industries where the trucks may come into contact with water or other substances that could compromise the performance of a regular truck. Their galvanized or stainless steel exteriors mean that can withstand harsh cleaning products, prolonged exposure to water, and also the incredibly cold temperatures which are often a prerequisite of the food or medical industries.”

The most basic galvanized pallet trucks come with a lifting capacity of up to 2500kg, and forks which have been designed specifically to lift the most popular pallets in use across all of the biggest industries. The truck is ideal for environments which might require a more regular cleaning schedule than regular workplaces. The medical industry is renowned for strict controls and high levels of hygiene when transporting medicines, and the food industry has stringent protocol which dictates that their machinery and lifting equipment must face regular disinfection processes. The chassis of even the most basic galvanized trucks can withstand much more than a standard steel pallet truck, and is fully equipped for use in any of these industries.

Similarly, even the stainless steel hand pallet trucks at the lower end of the range have high capacities and a great range of features that make them essential for many industries. Docks, harbours, or even outdoor loading areas where rain is more likely than not can all make use of the highly reinforced trucks, which are resistant to water. They will not rust or corrode like steel pallet trucks, and for trucks which are going to be used outdoors regularly, or in area where they will consistently be exposed to the elements, a stainless steel construction is a must.

Adverse Conditions? Go Galvanized For A Pallet Truck that Packs a Punch Says Midland Pallet Trucks

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