Invest in a Manual Handling Supporting Cast

Though pallet trucks are undoubtedly the most important pieces of equipment in many workplaces, there is also a range of back-up equipment which helps the trucks to function to their highest potential. The pallet truck can be likened to the star performer, but there are a great number of other components working behind the scenes to make them so successful. From drum loaders to skates, and from chocks to sack trolleys, there a whole host of other important pieces of apparatus that make many industrial workplaces tick.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, the UK’s leading supplier of manual handling solutions says, “Hand pallet trucks are versatile, functional and highly cost-effective, and they have earned the status as some of the most useful items within a workplace. But they could not be so useful without items such as drum loaders and sack trucks, which are essential pieces of equipment, taking the strain off employees and speeding up all working processes. When looking to kit out a workplace with all new manual handling equipment, it is important not to overlook these integral pieces of equipment; the so-called ‘supporting cast’ of the manual handling world.”

When lifting and carrying is expected, a sack truck is also a crucial addition to any fleet of trucks. The innovative and ergonomic design of these trucks means that loads of up to 350kg can be moved with just one operator, reducing the likelihood that workers will succumb to back strain. The highly functional trucks are ideal for moving heavy loads that might be different to carry by hand, and they are tall and wide enough to carry something as large as a fridge. Sack trucks often work as a great back-up for pallet trucks, when lighter loads need to be manoeuvred with ease.

Many workplaces work with drums for oil and other types of fuel, so it is important for these businesses to have efficient methods to transport and life these awkwardly-shaped drums. When full, they are incredibly heavy, difficult to lift by hand and awkward to load onto pallets and trucks, so investing in a drum loader is a great way to reduce the strain. Designed in an ergonomic way to ensure that any and all solo operators can lift the drums without any hydraulics, the heavy-duty loaders speed up operations and work well in tandem with other manual handling equipment around the workplace.

Invest in a Manual Handling Supporting Cast

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