Deal With Online Orders This Christmas with a Range Of Material Handling Equipment

Statistics have found that online sales figures are growing at a faster rate than ever, especially in the run up to Christmas. Online sales amounted to around £6.4bn in the month of September, which is 16% more than twelve months previously, and 11% more than the month before, showing both a year-on-year and month-on-month rise in internet shopping. The busiest time of the year for thousands of distribution centres, warehouses and production factories means that a vast amount of businesses up and down the country are relying on their fleet of pallet trucks to be as versatile as possible. It is not too late for businesses to make the material handling equipment work harder in the run up to Christmas, from the packing process to the shipping.

Many forklift trucks, powerful as they are, have limitations that depend entirely on their construction and their frame. The length of the forks restrict the size of the cargo which can be moved at any given time, and so fork extensions are a vital aspect of tackling the increased workload around Christmas. They are fitted over the existing forks so that the truck can carry longer or larger objects with ease and without compromising the balance of the truck. Made from incredibly strong welded steel, the forks are robust and durable and they have a corrosion-resistant coating to ensure they stay in prime condition for a long period of time. Sets such as the Fork Extensions 3KR/3W Series were created specifically so that they would fit a large number of forklift truck models, from 3KR57 all the way through to 3KR59, with the addition of the 3W667 model. Extended forklift capability at this time of the year is a great way to cope with the increased workload and handle the extra orders with aplomb.

With such a huge increase in orders, the packing process also needs to be extremely streamlined and efficient to ensure that a backlog doesn’t start to mount up. Manual stacker trucks can speed up the packing process, and are available in a wide selection of different height, with varying lifting capabilities. They can retrieve goods or stack them at height, and are an economical solution for moving pallets around the workplace. Their steel construction makes them robust and hardwearing, and their precision-engineered operation makes for a smooth performance that ensures pallets can be lifted and lowered quickly and easily.

Once stock has been packed it can be moved out for shipping and distribution with the help of a hand pallet truck. The most versatile of all trucks, hand pallet trucks are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, as well as being able to carry up to 2500kg of cargo at any given time. The different typed of hand pallet truck, including long pallet trucks, traverse pallet trucks and rough terrain trucks ensure that goods can be carried across any surface and within many restricted environments, and their ease of use make them a must for this busy Christmas season.

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