Final Call To Prepare For Christmas Issued by Midland Pallet Trucks

Midland Pallet Trucks is issuing a final call to businesses to stock up on the vital equipment and apparatus to see them through the busy Christmas period. The last weeks of October are generally the calm before the festive storm, the relatively quiet time before the Christmas rush hits. The amount of business undertaken over the festive season can double or triple depending on the nature of a company and how in demand their services are, but many warehouses and factories distributing goods across the country can see workloads increase hugely. This means all equipment must be in absolute prime condition, to deal with the extra stresses and strains.

The benefits of purchasing extra pallet trucks to add to a fleet around this time of year can greatly decrease the strain on the rest of the equipment. Bolstering the workforce with brand new equipment is also a great way to streamline working processes and get every system working to its full potential. The addition of some basic 2000kg Lightweight Hand Pallet Trucks to the workplace can mean a larger volume of work can be carried out, and helps to take some of the strain off the equipment that might be past its best. These trucks are ideal for euro pallets, the most commonly used pallets in the UK, and the top quality hydraulic pump makes for easy lifting and transportation of goods.

The addition of a weighing scale pallet truck to a fleet of trucks can also speed up working processes tremendously. In many workplaces, there are a number of scales placed around the workplace where loads must be measured before they are packed and stored, or before they are distributed. Goods must therefore be taken all the way to the weighing area on the pallet truck, unloaded, weighed and reloaded back to the truck before anything can be done with them. The HP-ESR Weigh Scale Pallet Truck can completely cut this long process by weighing goods on the go. The number of operators needed is vastly reduced, as there doesn’t need to be more than one person to help with moving goods to the scales and back, and this means the surplus staff can carry out other tasks which will boost productivity and profits alike. This truck is battery-powered with an easy-to-read LCD display, and can carry up to 2000kg.

Traverse pallet trucks are also a great piece of equipment for taking vital time out of lengthy working processes. They are able to move long loads down narrow aisles with ease, which provides a high level of flexibility and convenience, especially at a time when workloads are increased. The trucks can be used with both open and closed bottom pallets and are covered with a heavy-duty steel coating for optimum durability. It is these extra pieces of equipment that can make the difference this Christmas, where every cog within the working machine must be working to its highest potential.

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