Materials Handling Exhibition to Take Place in 2013

Pre-registration is now open for businesses to attend IMHX 2013 – the International Materials Handling Exhibition, which will take place at the NEC in Birmingham on 19-22 March next year. There will be more than 400 exhibitors showcasing products and services, with onus placed specifically on food and drink, wholesale and retail industries. The event as a whole includes exhibits, seminars, labour-saving and cost-reducing tips, and a chance to network with many industry contacts, as well as getting up to date on the innovative material handling solutions that are becoming more and more commonplace as the country looks to beat the recession. An ‘Operator Of The Year’ competition will be taking place with the chance for the successful entrant to win a brand new car simply for showcasing their expert pallet truck operation skills, and companies who have confirmed their attendance include container supplier Olivo, battery solution provider Hoppecke Industrial Batteries, and Plastic Extruders Ltd, a company who supply tensional strapping to many businesses.

Attending such events in order to pick up on ideas to streamline working processes and possibly to network with potential clients or customers is important to a business as a whole, but the key to really honing working methods in the workplace is obtaining the right equipment. Within the food and drinks industry, specialist equipment is often required to make sure that materials are handled in the correct way. Hand pallet trucks which can operated in extremely low temperatures, or exceedingly wet conditions, are vital when they will often be used within freezers or other adverse environments. Corrosive environments which will see a lot of salt or brine in the air can damage conventional trucks, and so more specialise equipment is often required just to do the simplest of jobs. Galvanized pallet trucks are one of the most popular choices within the food industry, as well as medical and pharmaceutical fields, for their sheer strength and ability to withstand harsh environments. Often constructed from stainless steel, with nylon and rubber parts wherever necessary, these trucks are ideal for situations where sterility and hygiene is of utmost importance. They can be blasted with chemicals, harsh sea water and sent through the incredibly low temperatures within some freezers all day long and will emerge unscathed, along with their cargo.

High-lift galvanized pallet trucks are also available when goods need to be lifted higher than a standard pallet truck. They operate like conventional pallet trucks, but when the height exceeds 200mm, the wheels will lock for safety reasons. This equipment is crucial in workplaces such as docks, ports, pharmaceutical plants and food processing factories, and any logistics tips or material handling solutions picked up at the IMHX 2013 will become redundant without such specialist equipment in place.

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