Boost Budgets With Pallet Truck Chocks

In the midst of a recession that seems never-ending, companies are always looking for methods of saving money and keeping their budgets at a reasonable level. In the freight, distribution, warehouse and factory industries, pallet trucks keep the entire process ticking over. They are the life force behind the work carried out, and as a result of their vast usage every day, they are often damaged and need to be either repaired or replaced. It is these costs that many companies rue; taking care of their fleet of pallet trucks is entirely doable, and there are steps that can be taken to ensure that their life span is as long as possible.

One of the ways in which the functionality of a pallet truck can be preserved is by using a pallet truck chock. A chock, sometimes known as a pallet truck stop is used when empty pallet trucks are loaded into the back of a delivery truck, or to stop trucks from rolling off a loading bay when they’re not in use. The damage this can cause to the pallet truck and any cargo or vehicles which may fall victim to a rolling pallet truck is eliminated by the chock, which keeps the trucks in their place. It stops both of the wheels from moving, and also freezes the fork heels for extra stability.

The chocks are made from hard, rigid plastic which is moulded to shape, and they are renowned for being extremely durable products, despite near-constant use. Whilst wheels are immobilised, the weight of the truck itself holds the chock securely in its position on the truck bed or the surface of the loading bay. Suitable for use on any surface, including non-slip floors and gentle inclines, the bottom section of the chock consists of grips to aid bonding to any floor’s surface.

Pallet truck chocks not only prevent damage to trucks and vehicles, they can also help to keep the workforce safe. Without chocks, drivers or other staff members would have to drop the main wheels into a tire, which often resulted in painful injuries and back strain. Pallet trucks also no longer need to be turned onto their side when in transit to prevent them from rolling over. For organisations which rely heavily on pallet trucks, and are attempting to cut down their outgoing costs on repairs, maintenance, spare parts and replacements, pallet truck chocks are a vital piece of equipment that can keep budgets looking healthy.

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