Midland Pallet Trucks Adds High-Lift Trucks To Range

Midland Pallet Trucks, one of the country’s largest providers of lifting aids and pallet trucks, are now stocking two brand new high-lift pallet trucks. The HS-0809 High Lift Pallet Truck and a matching model with an additional tilt function have been added. The trucks are perfect partners to their electric counterparts the EHS-0809 models which have been in stock for a while and are already firm favourites in warehouses and distribution centres around the country. The additions to the already extensive range continue to enhance Midland Pallet Trucks’ reputation as one of the most varied outlets in the UK for high-lift pallet trucks.

Often known as scissor-lift pallet trucks, the powerful high-lift units are designed to bring pallets to heights which make them easier for operators to work with. They improve ergonomic conditions for operators, and help to reduce repetitive strain injuries in employees who would need to use manual labour without these trucks. In the case of the HS-0809 model, the basic truck was primarily created to help load pallets into small vans. The other truck, which has an in-built tilting mechanism, can be used to position loads or components at an angle which makes them easier to be worked on whilst they are loaded on the truck, or to tip a container so that contents cascade towards a certain side of the container ready for operators to unload or arrange.

Both of the new trucks can lift up to 800kg, and due to their efficient design, can also be used as basic pallet trucks. As well as being multifunctional, the units were also designed with safety and stability in mind; the fixed fork stabilisers offer great solidity and strength, while features such as a slower descending speed when loaded with heavy pallets ensure that cargo is kept safe, and that the employees unloading the pallets are protected.

Like many of the pump trucks and high-lift pallet trucks available from Midland Pallet Trucks, the two units (and their electrical counterparts) feature a 210-degree turning radius for optimum manoeuvrability, while nylon wheels and a powder-coated frame make the trucks ideal for heavy-duty use in environments like factories and warehouses. They are all designed to accommodate open-bottom pallets, and can lift them to a total height of 0.9 metres; optimum working height for many operators or workers.

Whether by hand or through electricity, both of the trucks offer easy elevation and can be used for many purposes besides the one they were intended for. The basic hand pallet truck starts at £725.00 and the tilting version is available priced at £750.00.

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