Online Shopping To Dominate Christmas Sales

In previous months, online retailers have enjoyed their biggest boost since Christmas, with sales up 15.6% on last year. Despite a relative slump on the High Street during the Olympics, internet shopping has continued to rack up steadily increasing figures, culminating in monthly sales constantly being up on the year before. Last year, it was calculated that online shoppers spent around 50bn in 2011, with each customer spending an average of 1,500 on 39 items. The recession and the closure of many branches of popular high street stores has prompted the rise in online shopping, and UK consumers are more determined than ever to make their money go further. All this spending means essential equipment like pallet trucks must be up to the task at hand to keep Christmas running smoothly.

September is traditionally the month when many retailers start to plan how they will approach the festive period, and a huge percentage of the UKs Christmas shopping will this year be online, which means that warehouses, distribution centres and factories should now be planning for the festive onslaught of deliveries and dispersal. The ever-increasing amount of consumers choosing to shop online means that delivery companies will be busier than ever this Christmas, and may need to find ways to cope with the rush. This could involve employing temporary staff to help pick orders and prepare deliveries, it could mean existing staff working overtime, or it could mean adding to the fleet of pallet trucks in order to cope with the extra packages and parcels that will be coming through the place of work.

New pallet trucks with high load capacity can help to streamline working processes and make the task of receiving, packing and then distributing parcels much more efficient. Small businesses may benefit from adding just one truck to their fleet, but larger companies may see the need to add more specialist trucks, with weighing scale capabilities or the ability to traverse sideways down narrow aisles. The addition of a basic pallet truck can hugely cut the workload of many employees, who can then work more efficiently as a result of their better apparatus. A truck with the ability to weigh cargo cuts out a potentially lengthy trip to and from a presumably stationery set of scales within the workplace, and trucks which can navigate narrow aisles are incredibly useful for workplaces short on space.

During the busiest time of the year, these small alterations to the working process will eventually mean huge savings on time, and consequently, higher profits. Companies looking to capitalise on the Christmas period will be looking for any way in which they can handle their workload more easily, and easing the load with the addition of a pallet truck is one of the simplest ways to do so. To find out more about pallet trucks and buy online, visit or Tel: 01384 841440.

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