Stick or Twist? Businesses Forced To Choose Between Investment And Austerity

There is much debate amongst experts in the freight and logistics sectors about how businesses can recover from the financial doom and gloom which has become a permanent fixture across the UK, and indeed most of the globe. It seems that every day a new headline appears in the finance section, or across the front page, carrying mixed messages about the best courses of action for companies to take in this period of recession and austerity. Advice from some quarters seems to be to ‘batten down the hatches’, as it were; reducing all budgets and relying on existing clients to potentially protect the business from failing. But in such volatile economic times, this approach can have a damaging impact on growth in the future, and survival is far from guaranteed.

On the other hand, many experts are in agreement that investment is the way to go. Investment in a business might seem like a risk with the markets so financially unpredictable, but as the old saying goes, fortune favours the brave. In the freight and logistics fields, investing in new vessels such as pallet trucks and freight containers can be the first step towards securing a business’ future and paving the way for rapid growth when the markets eventually recover.

Where those who are trying to avoid folding might decide to stick to renting apparatus or buying it second-hand, the companies who choose investment understand that their purchases will not just see them through the financial crisis, but will also form the foundations of the company’s future. The easiest way to invest in an uncertain economic climate is to start from the bottom, with the very smallest and simplest of everyday pieces of equipment. Pump trucks, hand pallet trucks, lift tables and the like are all considered a vital piece of workplace apparatus and the purchase of them, whether it is a single truck or an entire fleet, should not be taken lightly.

When purchased as new, with the correct documentation, safety licenses and certificates, a pallet truck can last for a lifetime, serving a workforce for many years when maintained properly. Absolutely crucial to the freight industry, these trucks come with various capabilities that lift and carry not only pallets, but a great number of other loads safely and efficiently. Cutting corners and buying a second-hand truck can form a shaky foundation for recovering business’, whilst investing in brand new equipment, expanding a fleet and making more work possible for the workforce means higher levels of profit for a much longer period, helping to beat the recession and eventually expand.

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