Pallet Trucks Rental Vs Purchase

According to recent figures issues by international research company, RedShift, around 10% of the forklift and pallet trucks which are currently in use across Europe have been rented on a short term contract from a third party. Many companies who see these trucks as a vital cog in the machinery of their working processes are choosing to rent, believing that it will cost much less than purchasing a brand new truck outright.

Pallet trucks are an absolutely crucial tool in many workplaces where manual labour is involved, and they can help to provide huge boosts to productivity levels. But where short-term renting might be a cheaper option in the long run, the sheer reliance on these units for many employees means that they are worth the long-term investment. A high-quality pallet truck will last for a lifetime with minimal maintenance and will help to prolong the career of many employees who count manual labour as part of their job description.

Midland Pallet Trucks is a UK-based supplier of high-quality pallet trucks which are durable and hardwearing enough to carry out heavy-duty tasks for many years. A rental truck may be nearing the end of its shelf life, but when purchasing a brand new truck, the date on which the truck will be consigned to the scrap heap is still decades away. A budget truck such as the DBD25 540x1000 Hand Pallet Truck, which fulfils all the basic tasks demanded of a pallet truck, is available for just 236.25, and with its 2500kg capacity and safety features included a lowering valve and anti-corrosion finish, it is a more economical solution than constantly renewing a potentially costly rental truck.

At certain times of the year, like the festive season, truck rental prices tend to skyrocket. The demand for extra trucks allows the rental companies to up their prices, leaving those who desperately need to add to their fleet footing a bill much bigger than they would prefer. Purchasing a brand-new pallet truck means that the truck is always around, with no return date, no renewal fees and no chance of a price hike during the busiest seasons.

Whilst the initial low cost of a rental truck might be tempting to businesses trying to cut costs, the long-term effects of purchasing a brand new pallet truck are vastly greater than using a second hand unit.

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