High-Lift Pallet Trucks Extra Capabilities At Low Prices

The humble hand pallet truck is an extraordinarily versatile and useful tool to have around the workplace, and has proved itself to be an integral cog in the machinery of many manual handling processes. However, in some working environments, there are situations when more specialist equipment is called for often this takes the form of a high-lift pallet truck, also known as a scissor-lift truck. These powerful units are designed to lift pallets to a height easier for the operator to work with, therefore reducing the need for constant bending down to replace or reload heavy cargo. Midland Pallet Trucks are one of the UKs premier providers of such trucks, with a whole range of handling aids and lifting solutions to choose from to suit every business and budget.

One of the newest high-lift pallet trucks in the selection at Midland Pallet Trucks is the SLTN10 High Lift Hand Pallet Truck, which can lift up to 1000kg. The 210 degree turning radius, as with many of the trucks across the entire range at Midland, makes this truck as versatile and manoeuvrable as it is practical, and to impress the safety-conscious, there are many features which aid the control of the unit. A valve controls the speed at which the truck can lower its forks, to prevent nasty accidents, and the function of the lift itself can help to prevent repetitive strain injuries within a workforce. At just 383.25, this functional and powerful truck is a valuable addition to any fleet of pallet trucks.

For a more specialist truck, the SLP10A Stainless High Lift Hand Pallet Truck is a fantastic option; its stainless steel construction make it ideal for use in environments where sterility and hygiene are paramount, including pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. The pump truck is controlled by hand and can carry up to 1500kg and lift it to an impressive maximum height of 800mm; it can be used as a normal pallet truck until heights of 250mm, when the truck stabilisers will lock to avoid overbalancing. The hard-wearing nylon wheels, durable frame and heavy-duty pump mechanism make this truck a steal at 1,500.00, and an indispensable tool for those in the aforementioned industries.

At the top end of the budget scale is the EHS-0809 Electric High Lift Pallet Truck, which is available for 1,783.00. The electric lift considerably reduces physical effort for workforces and improves ergonomic conditions when working at height, and the tilt facility gives it an added dimension, allowing it to carry out tasks an ordinary high-lift truck would not be capable of. Fixed fork stabilisers offer this truck great stability, and the included charger guarantee that this integral piece of machinery will have something to offer the workplace for many years.

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