Folding Pallet Trucks Cost-Effective Space Savers

In warehouses, factories and the world of distribution centres, space is a coveted ideal: everyone would like more, but nobody seems to be able to find a way to get it without moving the entire workforce to a different site. Adding to a fleet of pallet trucks can be off-putting in this sense, as more trucks mean less space for storage and other pursuits. However, Midland Pallet Trucks, a UK provider of industrial lifting aids for over 20 years, have a great solution in the form of their folding pallet trucks. Any businesses looking to transport heavy cargo from one location to another, without purchasing a unit which will take up valuable space when not in use, can benefit from one of these simple and effective trucks.

The folding design of the ML0308 Mechanical Folding Pallet Truck means it can be stored upright, transported to another location in a car or small van, or even hung on a hook on a wall, saving vast amounts of space when not in use. At just 26kg, it is easy to carry around when not fully upright, and the 300kg carrying capacity makes it a great solution for moving heavy goods. There are no hydraulic pumps on this truck, meaning minimal maintenance or repair work, and absolutely no oil leakage; instead of a hydraulic system, it uses a simple leverage principle to raise loads from the floor with minimum effort on the part of the user. It is available from Midland Pallet Trucks for just £112.95.

With some very similar specifications to the ML0308, the ML0311 Portable Folding Pallet Truck completes the set, with the same leverage system and the durable construction that has become the trademark of all Midland Pallet Trucks’ products. The truck can be transported very easily, at just 31kg, and its longer forks (420mm x 1100mm) result in the capabilities being significantly raised. As with the previous truck, maintenance and repair costs will be few and far between, as without the hydraulic system that many pallet trucks use, there are less moving parts to keep in top condition. The truck is available for just £121.95.

These hand pallet trucks are perfect for workplaces which may find themselves short on space, and also companies who spread their work across more than one site. Buying one pallet truck per site might not be a viable option for some businesses; purchasing a folding pallet truck is a great way to ensure a high quality folding lifting aid is being used throughout a business.

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