Invest In A Pallet Truck To Cut Costs For The Future

Everyone in the UK is well aware of the cut-backs and economic austerity which has been enforced as a result of the seemingly never-ending recession we are in. Sticking to tight budgets and attempting to create savings wherever possible has become a vital part of turning a profit. One of the ways in which warehouses, factories, building sites and distribution centres are trying to cut costs is by purchasing their first pallet truck, or integrating a newer model into an existing fleet. But can pallet trucks help to save money? Is the initial investment worth it?

The wide range of advantages that pallet trucks possess means that the answer to those questions is a resounding ‘yes’. There are many ways in which pallet trucks help to not only cut costs, but boost productivity among the workforce and save money. One of the most obvious benefits is the impact this will have on staff, who are used to lifting and transporting heavy goods around the workplace. This constant heavy lifting can have dire consequences for both employee and employer; an injury incurred from this type of regular work could leave an employee out of work for months and result in lots of sick pay, insurance claims and even compensation for the employer. Companies in the UK are estimated to lose around £12bn per year as a result of injuries within the workplace, yet the easy addition of a budget hand pallet truck or fleet of pallet trucks significantly reduces this risk. With the threat of these injuries all but wiped out, the cost of sick days and lost man hours also falls, increasing profitability.

With fewer injuries and a higher lifting capability, it stands to reason that productivity among the workforce will also be greatly enhanced. Products such as the DFE20-A lightweight hand pallet truck can carry up to 2000kg in weight for an initial cost of less than £150; far more than any team of men could carry using brute force alone. This advantage is particularly significant for smaller businesses, which need to make the most of every resource in order to remain competitive. When larger volumes of goods can be manoeuvred with ease, less staff are required, delivering greater efficiencies and savings.

As with all machinery and tools of such construction, pallet trucks are not indestructible, and may require some minor upkeep to keep them on top form, but aside from this, the useful trucks are considered to be very low-maintenance. Hardwearing steel construction and powder-coating to prevent surface corrosion means that once these pallet trucks have been purchased, they can be utilised in the workplace for many years to come, without needing to be constantly replaced or sent for costly repairs.

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