Improving Your Material Handling Equipment’s Basic Capabilities

A vast amount of businesses up and down the country rely on pallet trucks and fork lifts to carry out important tasks within the workplace. They are considered to be an integral cog in the machinery of working life, speeding up the process of transporting and lifting heavy goods and making life easier for both employees and employers. One of their greatest strengths lie in their versatility, and Midland Pallet Trucks, one of the UK’s leading providers of pump trucks and lifting aids, has a range of accessories and extensions which can increase the adaptability and usefulness of these pieces of equipment.

The perfect partner to a workplace stocked with pallet trucks , fork lift trucks are invaluable but can sometimes be limited in capability by the length of their forks. It is for this reason that fork extensions were designed; they are fitted over the existing forks so that the truck can carry longer or larger objects. Midland Pallet Trucks has a range of fork extension sets constructed from super-strength welded steel for optimum durability. One of the most versatile kits available is the Fork Extensions 3KR/3W Series, which fits models 3KR57 through to 3KR59, plus the 3W667. Each set of these sturdy extensions is powder-coated to ensure resistance against corrosion and contribute to a long lifespan, and the steel retaining strap increases safety by preventing slippage when the extensions are in use.

There are a few important points to note when buying such accessories: they must be compatible with the truck they are intended for use with, and the forklift extensions must not exceed the original fork length by more than half. Fitting extensions which are too long can change the truck’s centre of gravity, making it a dangerous and unsteady way to transport and lift goods. The ‘drop’ of the fork should also be of consideration (the ‘drop’ is the distance between the bottom hanger and the forks). A closed base extension is recommended for those trucks where the ‘drop’ is greater than 75mm. If all of these safety guidelines are adhered to properly, forklift extensions can dramatically improve capability and at just £145.95, they are a great investment for any workplace.

A great way to improve the versatility of existing material’s handling equipment is to add a hoist function. Forklift Truck Hoists can be easily fitted to the forks of a truck to assist in lifting barrels, drums and other heavy items which might be of a difficult shape or size. These hoists can be slid anywhere along the length of the forks, and Midland Pallet Trucks has both a 1000kg and a 2500kg option. Prices start at just £150.00 each, and the robust design and practicality of such a tool is sure to make it an invaluable resource.

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