Figures Show Increase In Pallet Truck Orders

Figures from the British Industrial Truck Association have recently shown a 20% year-on-year increase on sales orders for trucks; orders rose by 4,300 units taking the total to 26,100. Powered pallet trucks also came out of the figures very strongly, with sales up 50% in 2011. Investing in a pallet truck can seem like a big decision for a smaller company, but the benefits of owning one pay dividends; this is proven with the amount of businesses now choosing to purchase the versatile and multipurpose trucks. From distribution companies to garden centres, building sites to warehouses, a pallet truck can come in handy at a whole range of different workplaces. Midland Pallet Trucks are a Midlands-based supplier of high-quality pallet trucks, with a selection that will have any manager wishing to add to a fleet.

For a small business looking for their first pallet truck, there are none more adaptable and useful than the 1680kg (1.68T) Capacity 520 x 1150 mm hand pallet truck. Low-maintenance, high-quality, impressive capacity and ease of use all combine to create a unit which fulfils anything from the simplest to the more challenging tasks with ease. The hand operation requires no separate qualifications or training, and can be utilised by anyone on the workforce, making their job easier, more productive and therefore more profitable. Priced at just 136.45, it is a worthwhile investment for a company looking for a new way to boost their efficiency.

For a truck with a little more control, which may be used on ramps or uneven surfaces, the AC25HB Hand Pallet Truck with Brake is a great solution. It can carry up to 2.5 tonnes and is durable, hardwearing and tough. The steel and epoxy powder coating combine to give great resistance against corrosion and guarantee that the truck will serve a company for many years. The forks, measuring 1150mm x 540mm, are designed to fit the majority of pallets currently in use, including popular euro pallets, and the brake is operated simply by hand. The truck is available from Midland Pallet Trucks at just 204.75, and would be a worthy addition to any fleet.

For something a little more specialised, a high-lift pallet truck might just fit the bill. This sort of pallet truck has seen the highest rise in figures, perhaps signifying that these are the trucks which many businesses find to be the most useful. The HLTN10-540x1170 High Lift Pallet Truck has a capacity of up to 1000kg and the maximum height of 800mm allows for easy unloading. The units are only for use with an open bottom pallet, as the scissors restrict the safe lifting of closed bottom pallets, but the 3-position control lever and robust construction make it a valuable and flexible investment for the future at just 386.85.

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