The Versatility Of Pallet Trucks

Taking the time to invest in new equipment can be a tough process for any manager or owner, with plenty of decisions to be made about budgets, benefits and other potential advantages and disadvantages. For those working in warehouses, factories, on construction sites or at distribution centres, pallet trucks are a part of everyday life, and itís only natural that managers will look to get the very best from their fleet. This is most easily accomplished by ensuring that there is a truck to cover every task. Midland Pallet Trucks is a UK-based supplier of a whole range of pallet trucks, from specialist trucks with weighing scales and high-lift capabilities, to standard hand pallet trucks which are as versatile as they are hardwearing. Their selection of trucks has something to fulfil every brief, and at prices that will meet budgeting demands without ever compromising on quality.

Versatility is important in a pallet truck, and there are none more practical and adaptable than the standard hard pallet truck. The 1680kg (1.68T) Capacity 520 x 1150 mm hand pallet truck is ideal for smaller loads and can be operated by hand with no need for any separate qualifications or training. The truck itself weighs just 50kg, ensuring that the operator can get the most out of the impressive 1680kg capacity. Maintenance is easy thanks to grease fittings at pivotal points, and the 3-position control lever offers fingertip control. The size of this truck makes it perfect for manoeuvring in small spaces such as the back of lorries or down narrow aisles within a warehouse. For a standard, simple and basic pallet truck with no frills, this is the perfect solution, and priced at just £136.45, it is impossible to go wrong.

After standard hand pallet trucks comes the more specialist high-lift pallet trucks. The HLTN10-540x1170 High Lift Pallet Truck can carry and lift up to 1000kg, whilst hitting heights of up to 800mm, allowing easy loading and unloading. As with all of Midlandís trucks, the powder-coated paint which covers the exterior protects from corrosion and other damage, guaranteeing that this truck will be in the fleet for many years with minimal maintenance. Available for just £386.85, this truck is a valuable and flexible addition to any fleet.

For unsteady or uneven environments, there is no more versatile truck than the RTT12 Rough Terrain Pump Truck. Undulating surfaces such as building sites or farms can be navigated easily with pneumatic tyres, whilst the 210 degree turning radius that is standard with many Midland trucks offers effortless movement and control. The truck has up to 1200kg capacity and the multitude of environments it can be used in makes it a steal at just £708.75.

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