Making the best of lifting and handling aids

Many businesses across a variety of industries are required to carry out frequent heavy lifting, which can cause back injuries across the workforce when carried out over a prolonged period of time. For owners and managers, an injury among their team can incur great costs including retraining, loss of reputation, civil liability and even the costs associated with prosecution. If employees are not using the correct lifting and handling aids the consequences can have an adverse effect on their lifestyle and leisure activities, plus their future job prospects. It is important to realise that these injuries can be avoided, and the preventative measures that should be in place are very cost-effective. Pallet trucks are a simple and easy way to lift and handle heavy or cumbersome goods whilst keeping employees safe.

Midland Pallet Trucks are one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of pallet trucks and lifting solutions which can help to prevent injury in the workplace when used properly. Their high quality products, excellent customer service and low prices combine to ensure that a business’ lifting and handling needs will be catered for.

The most basic lifting and handling aid available is a simple hand pallet truck such as the AC25A Hand Pallet Truck. This best-selling product has a huge 2500kg capacity and has a multitude of features at a very reasonable price. The 540mm x 1150mm forks are the ideal size for the conventional euro pallets which are popular in many industries, whilst the hand lever gives the operator great control over the truck. The truck is easy to manoeuvre, with an excellent 210 degree turning radius, and there are grease fittings at all of the pivotal points on the truck to ensure that the unit will have a long life and need little to no maintenance. For a company which regularly has to lift and transport sheet materials, a rudimentary hand pallet truck such as this can prevent back strain injuries and keep the workforce safe and healthy.

If the focus of the workforce is primarily on lifting goods, a high lift pallet truck such as the HST0809 High Lift Pallet Truck with Tilt would be ideal. The truck is suitable as an ordinary pallet truck or scissor lift unit, but can lift goods up to 900mm into the air, and has an in-built tilt option perfect for tipping loads into cages or fence pallets. The reduced effort and improved ergonomic conditions this allows for employees can not only aid their health and safety, but also improve the productivity of the workforce, resulting in higher profit margins and a greater reputation.

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