Would your business benefit from a pallet truck?

Running a business means making difficult decisions on a daily basis. One such conundrum is deciding whether or not to invest in new equipment and weighing up potential benefits against cost and other bottom line considerations.

A pallet truck is a familiar site in warehouses, factories and other places of work up and down the country. But, if your business doesn’t yet have one, is it worth setting aside a budget and making time to pick a truck to integrate into your work practises? What advantages can you expect to see and how can pallet trucks – or pump trucks as they are sometimes called – streamline work flows, efficiency and productivity?

The first step is to decide if your business would be able to put a pallet truck or fleet of pallet trucks to use. Typically, they are used in a huge range of industries and sectors so if you have other types of industrial equipment or regularly have cause to move groups of goods or products from one place to another – for delivery or dispatch purposes of example – you may well find that a new pallet truck can deliver faster performance and increased productivity. In an age where time is money, this is an important point to labour.

Consider how profit margins would increase or how many more parcels would go out on time. Or how much more beneficial it would be for products to reach the shop floor or clients own locations at a speedier pace. What would the business benefits be if pallets or blocks of goods or materials could be moved from point A to point B in larger quantities and shorter time frames?

A hand pallet truck can be beneficial when you have pallets to move but, the quantities are fairly small. Hand pallet trucks have the advantage of assisting a human operative making it less strenuous to move materials from one place to the other. The simple addition of a hand pallet truck can cut out the threat of the back problems often associated with the repeated lifting of heavy loads and estimated to cost business around £12 billion a year in sick days and loss of productivity.

Electric pallet trucks can be of even greater benefit by making it easier to move larger loads with minimum exertion. Again, this capability to speed up materials handling can increase the productivity of the entire business, leading to bottom line financial gains. When considering electric pallet trucks as a possible materials handling solution, it is important to keep in mind that some degree of training should be provided for operators. The cost of this is relatively small but the theoretical and manual exams give peace of mind that the equipment will be properly used and able to continue its contribution over a longer period of time.

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