The Pump Truck and The Small Business

A pump truck, also known as a pallet truck, plays a vital role in the day to day operations of millions of companies worldwide.

For those who havenít yet mechanised their materials handling requirements or are putting off investing in more modern machinery, it is essential to recognise the business benefits of a suitable pallet truck, according to West Midlands pallet and pump truck specialists, Midland Pallet Trucks.

They have identified the following business benefits of pump truck usage in small to medium sized companies:

Health and safety: Pallets are flat transport structures that support goods in a stable fashion, which are then normally lifted by a jacking device such as a pallet truck. Pallet trucks feature front wheels mounted inside the ends of their forks, which are separated vertically from the front wheels with the raising of the hydraulic jack. This process allows for the load to be forced upwards until it leaves the floor, thereby making subsequent travel possible.

By cutting out the lifting of often heavy and dangerous loads by employees and replacing them with a machine, a wide range of health and safety risks to personnel are negated. From strained backs to injuries sustained as a result of dropping loads, fewer man hours are lost when suitable equipment is available to assist with material handling tasks. Within enclosed spaces, pump trucks are even a safer alternative to other mechanised methods of lifting and moving goods such as forklifts.

Lower operating costs:In a time when most businesses are under pressure to reduce costs whilst maintaining their efficiency and continuing to win sales, an economical and efficient solution is the only possible justification for upgrading or installing materials handling equipment such as pallet trucks for the first time. Unlike some options which require a prohibitive amount of up-front expense or require regular, expensive maintenance work, pump trucks require little upkeep and also come in all shapes, sizes and forms. They are designed for precise requirements, whether you are a small company in a restricted space that needs to move certain items a certain distance, or you are a larger firm that requires robust and durable weighing scale pallet trucks that can frequently carry heavy loads. This means that with a pallet truck, youíll never need to spend on any features that you do not require.

Greater efficiency: Most small businesses have been under extreme pressure to ensure that they extract the absolute maximum productivity out of their increasingly insufficient available man hours. Pallet trucks provide an infinitely quicker and easier means of lifting and moving pallets than employees alone, allowing staff to spend more time on their core responsibilities.

Ease of manoeuvre: Being diminutive and extremely manoeuvrable, pallet trucks are ideal for those tight spaces within a workplace that you just canít get a forklift or similar machinery into Ė especially ideal given that small businesses donít tend to maintain the largest of warehouses in which to store their goods.

Ease of operation: You donít need a special license to operate a pallet truck, or even a great amount of formal training, meaning that you can cut out many of the formalities required with alternatives such as a forklift truck. Most members of staff are able to operate a pump truck, so thereís no need to waste precious man hours waiting for the overworked forklift truck driver to finally become available again just to move a single pallet.

Durability: Boasting such features as robust steel profile construction and precision engineering for smooth performance, pump trucks are designed to last.

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About Midland Pallet Trucks: Midland Pallet Trucks is part of the Midland Bearings Ltd Group. Centrally located, the company occupies a 50,000 square foot warehouse and stocks enough products to supply the whole of the UK market with trucks and table trucks.

The Pump Truck and The Small Business

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