The Pallet Truck Chock for pump trucks

Midland Pallet Trucks are pleased to announce the introduction of the pallet truck chock into our already extensive range of pallet trucks and accessories

Having tried various styles and designs over the years we feel that this model offers the best of all designs, in that it is lightweight, hard wearing, functional, easy to use and is very competitively priced.

The pump truck chock is engineered to hold a pump truck in place on a moving truck or trailer.

Key features are:
  • The chock is designed to ensure the pallet truck does not move and cause damage to the inside of vehicles or other road users.
  • It assists the driver in that the pallet truck does not have to be turned onto its side to prevent it rolling.
  • It is easier for a driver to use the pallet truck chock than the old method of dropping the main wheels into a tire which often resulted in back injuries.
  • The chock will prevent other goods in transit being damaged by an unsecured pallet trucks.
  • The chock can also be used to hold a truck in position on an inclined surface thus preventing injury to the operator or work colleagues
  • The chock is durable enough to give long service in any harsh environment
  • These units are suited to any surface including none slip floors

Chocks are being sold to trucking and logistics companies. The truck driver simply pulls the pump truck into the stop and it is securely parked in seconds rather than struggling to lay it on its side or lift the wheels into an old tyre.

The weight of the truck itself holds it in position in the chock. Pallet Truck chocks [also known as a Pallet Truck Stop] are now considered to be a mandatory piece of safety equipment for all vehicles that carry pallet trucks and at just 3.5kg in weight it is something all drivers should carry with them.

There is no cheaper way to solve this potentially hazardous Health and Safety issue and the use of this device is easier and quicker than tying a truck down

Our full range of hand pallet trucks, pump trucks, manual stackers, lift tables, scissor lift table, pallet lifters, order pickers, aerial work platforms and forklift truck fork extensions can be viewed on our online pallet truck shop

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The Pallet Truck Chock for pump trucks

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