The Benefits Of A Pallet Truck With A Brake

When working in a warehouse or factory, the safety and security of the staff is paramount. Heavy goods and dangerous machinery are part of everyday life for employees in such industry and one of the methods commonly used to ensure optimum safety for those using pallet trucks is to fit them with a hand brake.

Midland Pallet Trucks, a leading UK supplier, stock a wide range of pallet trucks, from those operated manually such as the popular hand pallet truck to the more heavy-duty electric versions, as well as lift tables and weighing scale trucks. They also have two pallet trucks which come equipped with a brake, both complying with all health and safety regulations.

The AC25HB Hand Pallet Truck with Brake has a capacity of up to 2.5 tonnes and is as durable and hard-wearing as any of the products in Midland Pallet Trucks' range. The truck is made from steel and coated with epoxy powder to give greater resistance against corrosion and ensure the truck will stay in great condition for a longer time. It is specially designed to lift most pallet sizes that are currently in use, with the forks measuring at 1150mm x 540mm. The brake is operated by hand for easy access, and the truck itself requires no special qualifications to operate, making it a versatile piece of equipment to have around a warehouse. The AC25HB Hand Pallet Truck is currently available from Midland Pallet Trucks at the great price of 204.75.

To comply with health and safety regulations set by the government, all of the braking mechanisms used on the hand pallet truck, are only designed to slow the progress of travel. To stop a moving pallet in an emergency, the pallet must first be lowered to the ground.

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