The Benefits Of A Pallet Truck In A Transport Or Distribution Company

Factories and warehouses have long since been made easier places to work with the introduction of pallet trucks. They have been a familiar sight in such workplaces for years and are renowned for their ability to aid efficiency and productivity. In industrial units, where potentially heavy or cumbersome goods are regularly transported from one place to another, the pallet truck can cut the time needed to perform such tasks, and in a risky economic climate like the one we currently live in, time is money – meaning a pallet truck can give you a head start on your competitors.

The transport and distribution industry can benefit greatly from the use of pallet trucks. These types of businesses generally revolve around the transfer of goods from one destination to another and the quantity and weight of products transported can be vastly increased with the use of a simple truck. Consider the great feedback you’d get from clients when, with help from a piece of equipment such as a hand pallet truck, you tell them you can get their delivery to them a few days faster than a rival company. Contemplate the extra profit that could be made when your workforce is able to handle much larger volumes of products.

Whether you’re a fledgling distribution company or a well-established transport business, it can be a struggle trying to decide which pallet truck would be the most beneficial to you and your team. There are many types of pallet trucks, with different advantages and functions – it is just a case of choosing the one that can maximise your earning potential and improve efficiency.

The most basic pallet truck available is the hand pallet truck. With no special operating license needed, the hand pallet truck is operated manually, as the name might suggest. They can be fitted with brakes for ultimate safety and can transport tonnes of materials from one point to another with consummate ease. By placing the two prongs of the fork underneath the load and using the jack to raise them off the floor, the goods can then be steered to their destination and lowered with no difficulty. Hand pallet trucks are perfect for transport and distribution companies, where the name of the game is to get goods from A to B in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

If space is at a premium in your warehouse or factory, a manual stacker should be top of the shopping list. Manual stackers are mainly considered a cheaper alternative to a forklift truck, and are great for use in size-restricted areas or loading bays. They can be used to lift items off the ground and load them into storage or onto a vehicle for possible distribution or delivery. Again, for new buyers who are worried about the safety of their workforce when working with machinery, the manual stackers require no training or special certificates to operate – they are easy, safe, reliable and cheap.

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