Prepare For The Pre-Christmas Rush With A Pallet Truck

The Christmas season is always an indescribably busy time for those working in factories and warehouses, with demand for near enough every product increasing greatly. Members of staff generally take overtime at Christmas to meet demand, working longer hours and under a lot of stress to ensure their businesses meet festive targets. For a long time, pallet trucks have been a staple of life in factories and warehouses, and they are more vital than ever at Christmas, when there are a larger number of goods to be processed and moved from place to place. All of this can be made much easier with the purchase of a simple pallet truck from Midland Pallet Trucks.

A hand pallet truck such as the AC25A hand pallet truck can really lighten the load, quite literally, for staff and workers in such an environment. Midland Pallet Trucks’ best selling fully hydraulic pallet truck can carry up to 2500kg of weight and is extra wide, to help with weight distribution and balance. The wheels have a 210 degree turning radius to help with manoeuvring and there is a special lowering valve to control the rate at which the forks descend. At just £157.00, the AC25A is an excellent choice for any factory or warehouse looking to get through a much higher workload over Christmas.

A second excellent pallet truck for improving ergonomic conditions in the workplace is a high lift pallet truck with tilt which can carry up to 800kg whilst still reducing physical effort for staff. Features such as the automatic slowing of descending speeds when heavy goods are loaded and fixed fork stabilisers give this pallet truck high safety credentials as well as making it a valuable addition to any place of work. The truck is rigid and durable, and comes at the fantastic price of just £629.48.

For a pallet truck almost equivalent to employing another member of staff, the 1000kg 2.5m Semi Electric Stacker Truck provides incredible value for money. It requires no special qualifications to operate, and can be manually pushed and pulled around for quick manoeuvres, perfect for the Christmas rush. Its robust steel construction ensures the truck will be long-lasting, and the lifting speed of 90mm per second guarantee an increase in productivity whilst maintaining strict safety standards. The 1500w 12v motor has a built-in charger and the whole thing is available for just £1899. If you order any of Midland Pallet Trucks’ products now online, they will be delivered to you just in time for the hectic Christmas period. To find out more about pallet trucks and buy online, visit or Tel: 01384 841440.

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