Midland Pallet Trucks Scissor Lift Tables Keeping Assembly Lines Productive

For those working in a factory or warehouse, tasks such as keeping assembly lines fully stocked are a part of everyday life. Keeping a constant supply of products and parts fed into machines is of critical importance as it will determine the productivity rate of the whole operation. Coupled with this need for fast, efficient, uninterrupted assembly line supply is the need to protect workers from having to repeatedly stoop and lift to access the boxes of parts required for the assembly line process.

Scissor lift tables streamline this whole process, ensuring machines can work uninterrupted without placing undue pressure on the bodies of employees. Scissor lifts are recognisable by their 'pantographs', a criss-crossed support system which extends and withdraws to provide a customisable working platform for personnel. They only move vertically, so are commonplace in factories, warehouses and other establishments where space is at a premium. While scissor lifts arte useful for building and engineering works and are able in a huge assortment of sizes for maximum versatility, scissor lift tables lend themselves best to smaller tasks such as lifting boxes and equipment to optimum working height.

Midland Pallet Trucks, specialist in both pallet truck and lift tables supply, now stock a range of scissor lift tables perfect for ensuring productivity as well as smooth operations and safety at all times. Based in the West Midlands, they import factory machinery such as high lift pallet trucks and aerial work platforms straight from the manufacturer.

For basic scissor lifts needs, Midland Pallet Trucks’ TF15 Scissor Lift Table is capable of holding 150kg. Perfect for use as a feeding table on an assembly line, the foot-operated hydraulic lift has a hand-operated table descent control for optimum command of the machinery. The heavy-duty steel construction stands at 0.72 metres in height and the table is 700mm x 450 mm. This budget scissor lift table is available for just £204.75.

For warehouses in need of a lift table capable of carrying a heavier load, the TFD80 Double Scissor Lift Table fulfills the criteria. It has an 800kg capacity and has a maximum table height of 1500mm, or 1.5 metres. Ideal for lifting and transporting a variety of heavy goods, the double scissor lift is TUV/GS approved and CE rated, for ultimate reliability. Other table top sizes are available to order – the one supplied is measured at 1220mm x 610mm. This larger-scale scissor lift is priced at £628.95.

At the top end of Midland Pallet Trucks' range is the ETF75 Electric Lift Table. Supplied with a maintenance free battery and a battery charger, the lift table is fully portable, with two braked wheels and the quick lift time of 10 seconds. It has 750kg capacity, with the useful hand-operated control for those using the lift. The coated steel minimises rust and the maximum height stands at a 970mm. Priced at £1315, this chargeable scissor lift is the perfect utility choice for maximum adaptability.

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