How A Pallet Truck Can Help To Cut Costs

Investing in new equipment for a business can be a tough decision for any manager or owner. Consideration must be given to potential benefits, while examining how the advantages such new equipment might afford. Pallet trucks have been used in warehouse or factory environments for many years, helping to transport heavy or cumbersome goods from one place to another with minimal fuss and effort. But how does purchasing a pallet truck translate to cutting costs and maximising profit?

Midland Pallet Truck's large range of weighing scale, high lift and hand pallet trucks have been proven to be a cost-efficient way to transport cargo from A to B, with a truck available for every conceivable task.

One of the first advantages of buying a pallet truck for use within a business is the effect it has on employees. If products were being moved less efficiently by hand, consider the positive impact it would have on staff were they suddenly able to work more productively with a hand pallet truck. A larger volume of goods can be moved, resulting in more work being done in a smaller space of time. Sick-days and loss of productivity can cost UK businesses an estimated 12 billion per year; the back problems usually associated with heavy lifting, causing sick days and slow production, can be cut out with the purchase of a pallet truck. The 1680kg (1.68T) Capacity 520 x 1150 mm hand pallet truck from Midland Pallet Trucks is ideal for smaller loads and can be operated by hand with no need for any separate qualifications or training. The truck complies to all European safety standards and is available for just 136.45.

Once the staff have established that they can carry out a much higher workload in a smaller space of time, work flows become streamlined. Productivity and efficiency increases, especially in delivery or dispatch companies, with goods able to be shipped to customers or to shop floors at a much speedier pace, allowing more orders to be completed and profit to be maximised. A heavy duty pallet truck such as the AC30B pallet truck 685 x 1220mm can hold up to 3000kg in weight, meaning that potentially 3 tonnes of cargo can be shifted all in one fell swoop. The knock on effect is that 3 tonnes of cargo can be potentially sent out for delivery at the same time. But what use is it being able to move 3000kg at a time if it's not possible to load them to where they need to be stored?

Midland Pallet Trucks also has a vast range of manual stacker pallet trucks which can lift goods of up to 1500kg at once, to then load them onto shelving units or into vans or trucks for dispatch.

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