Discover Midland Pallet Trucks' Extensive Range Of Manual Stackers

After 20 years of supplying pallet trucks and pump trucks to the UK, Midland Pallet Trucks are the country’s first choice for every type of pallet truck and pallet lifter. They also have the most extensive range of manual stacker pallet trucks in the UK, with diverse options in lifting height and capacity to suit most needs. One of the most important warehouse aids, manual stackers can speed up work processes significantly, improving productivity, profit and making tasks easier for your workforce.

The best value manual stacker currently in stock is the 500kg 1.6m Manual Stacker Truck. The compact size of the product means it is ideal for operating in small areas but the robust steel construction make it hardwearing, durable and long-lasting. It is designed to be an economical solution to lifting open bottom pallets and is able to lift up to 500kg of goods. With a lift height of 1.6m, the truck is a great way of elevating goods when space is at a premium. The manual stackers provided by Midland Pallet Trucks require no special license of qualification to operate and are reliable and safe to use. This precision engineered manual stacker is available online for just £708.75.

Able to hold twice the weight of the aforementioned stacker truck, the 1000kg 1.5m Manual Staddle Stacker Truck is a great solution for those who find they need to transport larger and heavier loads. This heavy-duty stacker can lift both open and closed pallets and is able to straddle a Euro pallet with the measurements of 1200mm x 800mm. The lifting operation itself is operated by both hand and foot for maximum control at all times. Conforming to all health and safety regulations, this cheap alternative to a forklift truck has a top quality hydraulic pump and is perfect for lifting goods off the ground for storage or distribution. At just £939.75, this robust and valuable product is worth it's weight in productivity.

The largest manual stacker truck available from Midland Pallet Trucks stands at a majestic 3m when fully extended. It can carry up to 1000kg and lift them to 3m with ease. The 1000kg 3.0m Manual Straddle Stacker benefits from a handy foot brake to ensure safety and plenty of control over the large load. Finished with a paint which is chip and corrosion resistant, the C-shaped steel construction will increase productivity for many years. The compact frame makes it perfect for use in loading bays or narrow aisles, and at £1417.50, it is excellent value for money.

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