Brush Up On Your Materials Handling Knowledge With Different Types of Pallet Trucks Guide

Keeping on top of terminology and being au fait with industry developments can seem like a full time job in itself. Particularly in technology-driven industries, being well versed in the different types of equipment and machinery at your disposal is labour intensive. It is however well worth keeping up to date with the various types of materials handling equipment on offer as the ability to speed up loading, unloading and dispatch can have a tangible effect on productivity and even the reputation of your business.

Although pallet trucks are often referred to as the workhouse of any warehouse, being able to distinguish between the various different types of pallet truck is not something that is always made a priority. Midland Pallet Trucks, the pallet and pump truck specialists recommend taking a few moments to familiarise yourself with the different models of truck on the market to be sure that you have the equipment best suited to your own individual business needs.

Hand Pallet Truck: The most basic of pallet trucks is by no means the least useful. Manually operated, a hand pallet truck transports heavy loads from point A to point B with the minimum of human exertion. An operator works a hand pallet truck by positioning the two forks under the item to be moved, raising the load off the floor through use of the jack and then steering with the handle to take the load to its desired destination.

An enormous range of hand pallet trucks provide complete flexibility low profile trucks make light work of very low pallets or crates while trucks with extra long forks are ideal for dealing with very long loads. A range of weight capacities are also available for moving everything from regular to heavy loads.

Weighing Scale Pallet Trucks: A useful addition to busy factory floors and loading bays, weighing scale pallet trucks fill a very specific niche. A scale on the truck displays the weight of the load being moved. This can be useful in any number of circumstances, allowing cargo to be weighed when and where needed.

High Lift Pallet Trucks: Sometimes it is not enough to simply scoop up a pallet and haul it over to a second similar position and drop off. High lift pallet trucks have been designed to lift pallets to a useful, safe working height. This type of pallet truck is sometimes credited with helping to reduce back problem complaints in the workplace by being able to lift the pallet to a working height, allowing the worker to access the needed goods without having to continually bend and lift from a floor level. Pallet trucks of this design are most useful when integrated with production line and packing processes and can be of huge assistance to assembly and packing workers.

Manual Stackers: A manual stacker is slightly different to a pallet truck in that it goes one step in terms of functionality - not only does it make moving pallets easier, it can also provide lift assistance. As manual stackers make lifting much easier, they can be considered a cheaper alternative to a forklift or similar piece of equipment. They are suited for use in small spaces so make a perfect addition to any size-restricted warehouse or loading area where they are used to lift items or products onto a vehicle or into pallet racking for storage off the ground.

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